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"The International Jazz Festival was amazing and we got to listen and see artist that we would never have encountered. We had heard about the music in Cuba from friends that have attended the Jazz festival in the past. Your organization of this tour made it so easy for us as we did not have to worry about planning our day. The trip was first class and our thanks again for putting together an amazing package." George & June Kawaguchi
"Thank you, I had an amazing trip with Authentic Cuba Travel®. I am getting ready for a show in a few weeks, so I will send more feedback and images once that has passed. The trip itself, the studio visits and the range and quality of the art and artists we met exceeded my expectations. David, our guide, was patient, helpful, and knowledgeable. He was a good bridge between having a "tourist" view of Cuba and a facilitated, "real" view." Lynn Tomaszewski
"I just wanted to say thank you for arranging our trip to Cuba. I just got back yesterday and the trip was incredible. I LOVE Cuba and can't wait to go back. The trip was very organized, informative, and I learned so much. Alexis, our local guide, was the best-- so much knowledge!! And our driver, Ramon was so much fun. I also loved the music we had with the new group was a private show! So good!!! We had a lovely, memorable experience." Nahyon Lee
"Kudos to our guide Mirelys. This was my second trip to explore the island of friendly Cuba with Authentic Cuba Travel®. And it won't be the last! Your team has done a great job in putting together a well-rounded trip. I only wished that it lasted longer. And the price was reasonable and affordable. Again, Thank you and your team." Bret Boone
"The trip went absolutely wonderful. Tatiana, our tour guide, was superb and dealt with the different situations in the most professional and kind way. None of the students were in sociology, politics, economics etc. so many concepts might have been irrelevant or over their head to them or over emphasized, but this is the reason I wanted to take them to Cuba. In that perspective it was great and Tatiana was great, the many people we met were great, and the driver was outstanding." Jessica D. Cassleman, Washington State University, USA
"We were welcomed by Deacon Juan Rios in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We distributed rosaries, holy cards, medicine and financial aid to the Deacon. During our second day, we visited the "Santovenia Senior Center," a Catholic nursing home for the elderly run by Sister Consuelo Pena..." Rev. Thaddeus Dzieszko
"We all had a really good trip to Cuba. It's a fascinating country with a lot of potential for the future. The people were warm and welcoming. Mirelys was as good a guide. She couldn't have been more cooperative. Efrin, our driver was also very capable. We appreciated all that you and Authentic Cuba Travel® did to make our trip so rewarding." Arthur Selkowitz
"Thanks you for providing a lovely and educational experience. The guide service was superb. We had Ileana and she was very open, knowledgeable, efficient, and just a lovely lady. You have a gem. The hotels were pleasantly comfortable. The itinerary with visits to several legal entities mixed with local history, architecture and culture was perfect." Marianne Kanning
"I think it was very well planned as a birding trip- I just wish it could have been bigger in scope, but that would have meant more time. I would have liked more music, more art, more theatre, and a chance to sit and watch and take more pictures of real people. But you can't have it all. Thanks so much for all the planning and help in getting us to this wonderful place! " Ralph Van Dusseldorp
"I must say that Mario was an excellent guide as well as Joaquin, the driver. My presentation and Al's went very well at the Jose Marti Nacional Library. I was very moved by ASCUBI (Cuban Association of Librarians) who honored me and Al for our work with Cuban librarians." Herbert Rogers, Librarian and Author

Reviews & Testimonials about the Havana Film Festival Cuba Tours & Travel by Authentic Cuba Travel®

Cuban Movie, Fresa y Chocolate

Read Reviews and Testimonials from Authentic Cuba Travel® Past Travelers to the Havana Film Festival. Please do contact Authentic Cuba Travel® if you would like to hear directly from those who have so generously traveled and published their experiences in our websites.

We found Authentic Cuba Travel® to be wonderfully helpful, not only with the arrangements for the Film Festival tour, but for extra add-on arrangements, in our case a round trip flight between Havana and Santiago de Cuba. As for the tour itself, a week in the Hotel Nacional and a pass to the film festival add up to pure happiness.

Everything else was icing on the cake. And it was very well-planned icing, we thought – especially the trip to Vinales. The meals our group had together were great, and the advice and information (and stories about life in Cuba) that we got from LIban made the trip so interesting; we were really impressed with his candor and his breadth of knowledge.

Can’t wait until next year’s film festival!

Kathy Kahn

I had a wonderful trip, thanks in no small part to our guide Liban Diaz, who was informative, interesting, friendly and open to doing whatever he could to make our experience the best. I also loved visiting the film school and meeting Maria there (sorry don't have her last name). Very inspiring place. The size of our tour was perfect and our guide Liban was also helpful in arranging extra evening events - checking out Buena Vista Social Club and other lively and terrific musicians as well as finding some great restaurants.

Thanks for all of your help.

Jack NyBlom, Camera Cinemas

Cuban movie, Juan de Los Muertos

We enjoyed our trip. The itinerary was planned well. All the connections and logistics all went very smoothly. Our guide was smart, organized, professional and delightful. We would recommend Authentic Cuba.

Joan Cantor

We got back from our trip first of this week. Recovering from colds but well enough for feedback.

Thanks to you and Authentic Cuba Travel® for organizing one of the best trips we have taken in years (and I am sure all those who were part would say the same thing). We really enjoy ourselves, and the Group. The people you added on were great too. We all become friends on the trip.

First and foremost, our guide was the Best. Liban was fantastic. Very knowledgeable young man, with lots of energy and ability to please our group. He did a great job and is to be complimented. Use him for some of your other trips and guaranteed your clients will be happy and pleased.

Thanks again and although Liban took us to airport and checking stand, he forgot to give us his card. If you have his e-mail address, I would like to thank him personally. Could you send it along?

Thanks again,

James Zuur

The trip was excellent. The only thing that could be improved was at the Miami airport going to Cuba.

There was a long line at the Sun Country desk. We stood in line for 20 minutes, then some friends, also on the trip, told us we were in the wrong line and needed to be at a smaller line with Cuba Travel. It would have been very helpful, if your agent from Cuba Travel would have held a sign and walked past our long line saying "if any one in this line is with Cuba Travel, please come to this other line". We would not have known to go in the correct line if it wasn't for our friends that were ahead of us.

Other than that, the trip was wonderful.

Alice Lopes

Shooting of Cuban movie
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