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How to go to Cuba from USA under the General License for Educational Activities
Educational Cuba Travel
University & College faculty, staff & students, K-12 teachers from USA are eligible to travel to Cuba under the General License, a process that can be completed by individuals & educational institutions without submitting the application to OFAC.

General License for US Cuba Travel
Cuba Tours
Whether you want to go to Cuba for Professional Research, Support for the Cuban People, Professional Meetings, Religious Activities, Public Performances, Exhibitions or Workshops, chances are you can find a Cuba tour that matches your interest in our 2024 rooster. Here’s our full roster of Cuba tours:
Cuba Real Tour 9 From Sep 7- Sep 14, 2024
Cuba Engage 9 From Sep 7- Sep 14, 2024
Cuba Baseball Tour From Sep 7- Sep 14, 2024
Cuba Real Tour 10 From Oct 5 to Oct 12, 2024
Cuba Engage 10 From Oct 5 to Oct 12, 2024
Performing Arts Tour From Oct 5 to Oct 12, 2024
Dance Cuba Tour From Oct 5 to Oct 12, 2024
Cuba Ballet Festival From Oct 26- Nov 2, 2024
Jo Jazz Havana Trip Nov 6- Nov 13, 2024
Seven Historical Cities I Nov 7- Nov 18, 2024
Cuba Nature Tour Nov 8- Nov 17, 2024
Cuba Business Tour Nov 9- Nov 16, 2024
Healthcare Cuba Tour Nov 9- Nov 16, 2024
Cuba Real Tour 11 Nov 9- Nov 16, 2024
Cuba Engage 11 Nov 9- Nov 16, 2024
Havana Art Biennial From Nov 16 to Nov 23, 2024
Film Festival Cuba Tour Dec 9- Dec 16, 2024
Cuba Real Tour 12 Dec 26- Jan 2, 2025
Cuba Engage 12 Dec 26- Jan 2, 2025
Cuba Education Tour 9 Dec 26- Jan 2, 2025
Cuba Education Tour 10 Dec 26- Jan 2, 2025
Cuba Education Tour 11 Dec 26- Jan 2, 2025
Bird Watching Cuba Tour Dec 26- Jan 2, 2025
Cuba Architecture Tour Dec 26- Jan 2, 2025
Cuban Art Explorer IV Dec 26- Jan 2, 2025
Photography Tour IV Dec 26- Jan 2, 2024
Family Discovery Tour Dec 26- Jan 2, 2025
Jewish Heritage Tour Dec 26- Jan 2, 2025
Cuba Real Tour 1 From Jan 11 to Jan 18, 2025
Cuba Engage 1 From Jan 11 to Jan 18, 2025
Havana Jazz Festival From Jan 19 to Jan 27, 2025
Santiago Jazz Festival From Jan 20 to Jan 27, 2025
Cuba Jazz Festival From Jan 22 to Jan 27, 2025
Havana Book Fair From Feb 7 to Feb 14, 2025
Cuba Real Tour 2 From Feb 8 to Feb 15, 2025
Cuba Engage 2 From Feb 8 to Feb 15, 2025
Habano Cigar Festival From Feb 22 to Mar 1, 2025
Cuba Education Tour 1 From Feb 22 to Mar 1, 2025
Cuba Education Tour 2 From Mar 1 to Mar 8, 2025
Cuba Al Natural From Mar 1 to Mar 12, 2025
Cuba Real Tour 3 From Mar 8 to Mar 15, 2025
Cuba Engage 3 From Mar 8 to Mar 15, 2025
Cuba Art Explorer I From Mar 8 to Mar 15, 2025
Bird Watching Cuba Tour From Mar 8 to Mar 15, 2025
Cuba Education Tour 3 From Mar 8 to Mar 15, 2025
Cuba Business Tour From Mar 8 to Mar 15, 2025
Healthcare Cuba Tour From Mar 8 to Mar 15, 2025
Cuba Education Tour 4 From Mar 15 to Mar 22, 2025
Photography Tour I From Apr 5 to Apr 12, 2025
The Nature of Cuba From Apr 5 to Apr 14, 2025
Cuba Engage 4 From Apr 5 to Apr 12, 2025
Cuba Real Tour 4 From Apr 5 to Apr 12, 2025
Four Biosphere Reserves From May 2 to May 11, 2025
Cuba Engage 5 From May 10- May 17, 2025
Cuba Real Tour 5 From May 10- May 17, 2025
Cuba Education Tour 5 Jun 7- Jun 14, 2025
Cuba Engage 6 Jun 7- Jun 14, 2025
Cuba Art Explorer II Jun 7- Jun 14, 2025
Cuba Real Tour 6 Jun 7- Jun 14, 2025
Photography Tour II Jun 7- Jun 14, 2025
Fire Festival Cuba Tour Jun 29- Jul 6, 2025
Cuba Education Tour 6 From Jul 5- Jul 12, 2025
Cuba Real Tour 7 From Jul 5- Jul 12, 2025
Cuba Engage 7 From Jul 5- Jul 12, 2025
Cuba Business Tour From Jul 5- Jul 12, 2025
Healthcare Cuba Tour From Jul 5- Jul 12, 2025
Cuba Education Tour 7 From Jul 12- Jul 19, 2025
Jews of Cuba Travel From Aug 7- Aug 14, 2025
Cuba Real Tour 8 Aug 9- Aug 16, 2025
Cuba Engage 8 Aug 9- Aug 16, 2025
Photographers On Tour Aug 9- Aug 16, 2025
Cuba Education Tour 8 Aug 9- Aug 16, 2025
Cuba Art Explorer III Aug 9- Aug 16, 2025
Cuba Architecture Tour I Aug 9- Aug 16, 2025
Lawyers Cuba Travel Aug 9- Aug 16, 2025
Seven Historical Cities II Aug 9- Aug 20, 2025
Cuba Study Tours & Travel to Cuba from USA
US Cuba Study Tours & Travel
Authentic Cuba Travel® offers universities, colleges and schools from US, Canada and all over the world the best study trips to Cuba.

Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

US Cuba Educational Tours & Travel
Educational Travel to Cuba should be more than sunbathing in beautiful Caribbean beaches while sipping cold tropical drinks.

Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

FREE Cuba Travel Resources
for North American Educators

Authentic Cuba Travel® put at your service an array of resources to guide you through the process of organizing the most rewarding Cuba Study Trip for your students. Including the demanded FREE Cuba Explorer Tours for Professors, Teachers and other active Education Professionals

We are your partner from the moment you call us to the time you arrive home. We work closely with you to determine your ideal educational Cuba travel experience, assist you recruit students and answer parents' and students' questions. We also arrange all your tour logistics and then accompany you on tour 24 hours a day to ensure everything goes smoothly. And once you return home, we follow-up to hear about your Cuba educational experience, listen to your feedback and start planning your next Cuba study trip experience!

We even offer the free Cuba Education Tours and Cuba Explorer Tours for North American teachers, educators and professors go to Cuba in advance for FREE!

So do not wait any longer. Now is the time to start planning the next Cuba education tour for your students. Your students will consider traveling to Cuba an experience of a lifetime. They will come home optimistic and inspired by fresh perspectives on what is possible not only personally but also socially. Request a complimentary no-obligation Cuba education Tour and quote for your students, and check some of the resources we put at your service.

Request your Complimentary No-Obligation Cuba Tour Today!

Do not forget to read the Testimonials from Educators like YOU that travel with us.

Do also check the Most Popular Cuba School Tours in 2020 for a sneak-peak of the kind of tours we can customize for your students.

Complimentary Cuba Travel Resources
for North American Educators

Free pre-departure Cuba Explorer Tours for Educators

Authentic Cuba Travel® is offering for the 10th year in a row a new level of service for our loyal educators: the free pre-departure Cuba Explorer Tours.

We recognize that professors, teachers and educators may appreciate travelling to Cuba before taking their students –especially those who have not been to Cuba before. *1

That’s why, we have scheduled several familiarization educational Cuba tours for 2024 & 2025 that are free for those educators who qualify.

Yes, you will travel for free! Authentic Cuba Tours will cover all your included Cuba study tour costs plus your return airfare via Miami, Toronto or Cancun.*2

Please, visit the following websites for all information on our Cuba Explorer Trips:

Is it a limited offer?

Yes, because of high costs associated, Authentic Cuba Travel® can offer such free Cuba Explorer Tours to 20 teachers a year only.

Who qualifies for the Exploratory Cuba Educational Tours?

All professors, teachers and educators that are planning a school trip to Cuba for the year 2024 with Authentic Cuba Travel® qualify. If you are not planning your school Cuba tour yet, please send us your request for a complimentary no-obligation Cuba Study Tour to qualify for your participation in the Free Cuba Explorer Tours.

Remember, capacity for these Cuba Educational Journeys is limited.

Authentic Cuba Travel® considers “planning a school trip to Cuba” as follows:

  • Your school board has already approved your school educational Cuba tour for 2024.
  • You have been promoting the tour with your students and parents, and you can guarantee a minimum number of 15- 20 participating students.
  • A $300 non-refundable deposit PER PERSON has been paid to us before your Cuba Explorer Tour departure.
The $300 non-refundable deposit is deducted from the final tour payment, and it is used to pre-book return airfare, hotel accommodation and other services in Cuba for your school Cuba tour 2020 and 2024. By pre-booking early we guarantee best rates and services.

*1 Limited to one educator per school.
*2 Connections to and from Miami, Cancun or Toronto are at the expense of teachers individually, and not included in the Cuba Explorer Tours.

Earn Educator Loyalty Points & Travel for FREE sooner!

Educator Loyalty Point Program.

At Authentic Cuba Travel®, we had a great 2019, and 2020 is looking very promising too. More and more educators have decided to explore Cuba with their students and have chosen Authentic Cuba Travel® to provide them with custom-made study tours and short-term courses in Cuba.

Now Authentic Cuba Travel® wants to say thank you to these loyal educators. We also want to show our gratitude to the new professors and teachers who are currently planning their first school trip to Cuba with us.

We are proud to announce a new and unprecedented program for educators called the Educator Loyalty Points (ELPs). The Program will allow educators who take their students to Cuba with us to earn educator loyalty points that can be redeemed and applied to any of our tours at any time of the year.

How does it work?

Let’s say you have earned 1800 ELPs and you want to join our popular Jazz Festival Cuba Tour. The cost of the tour this year is $1799 (economy package), so if you have accumulated 1699 ELPs you will be able to join the tour for FREE.

Earning points is simple

. Each time you take students to Cuba, you earn 100 ELPs for each student on the Cuba study tour. For example, if you take 20 students to Cuba, then you will receive 2000 ELPS. This means for this year, you could join almost any of our escorted Cuban tours for FREE- as most of our tours cost $2000 or less. *1

It is so quick and easy to earn ELPs, you may even earn enough ELPs to take a family member, friend or colleague to Cuba with you. *2

If you are a professor, teacher or educator, of any sort, and you are considering taking your students to Cuba, the ELP program is for you. REGISTER NOW and you will receive 200 bonus ELPs that you can apply toward the cost of any of our more than 24 tours. *3

Educators can redeem their points at any time for any of our guaranteed departures. No questions asked.

Why does Authentic Cuba Travel® offer the ELP program?

After working with professors and teachers for some time, we come to realize all the efforts that educators put during the school year to teach their students. Some even go the extra mile and take their classroom to Cuba to show them an alternative reality and political system.

We have worked with many professors and teachers over the years, and we appreciate all the efforts they make on behalf of their students. Most educators do this out of the goodness of their hearts and in the spirit of enhancing their students’ horizons.

We at Authentic Cuba Travel® want to assist these professors and teachers, many of whom know that their students will become better citizens of the world if they are exposed to alternative political and cultural systems such as the Cuban one.

But we also realize that during their time in Cuba with the students, educators work as hard as they do in the classroom (if not harder). In short, it is a full time job before, during and even after the trip.

At Authentic Cuba Travel®, we believe that educators deserve the chance to go to Cuba to enjoy themselves on their own or with their own families. The ELP program is our way of giving something back to the educators for all the extra work they do.

The ELP program will give educators a real chance to enjoy an authentic “downtime” in Cuba while at the same time increasing their knowledge about Cuban culture and its people

At the end of the day, we hope more educators will be able to bring their students to Cuba, students who will be tomorrow’s leaders in favour of peace and understanding with Cuba.

*1 If there are two teachers taking a group, the points will be split equally. Let’s say 2 teachers take 20 students, each teacher will receive 1000 ELPs.

*2 ELPs are NOT transferable. That is, an educator cannot transfer his/ her points to another educator. The ELMPs cannot be combined with other promotions such as referral discounts and early bird discounts.

*3 Educators can only redeem ELPs after they have taken a school group with us.

Do not forget to check the FREE Cuba Explore Tours for Educators.

These tours provide educators a good opportunity to travel to Cuba before taking your students– especially for those who have not been to Cuba before.

Lowest Cuba Tour Prices (hundreds less than others!)

Thanks to the vast experience and reputation of our Cuban and Canadian staff in the Cuba's travel industry, Cuban tour service providers have approved unprecedented student discount rates for our US and Canadian school trips.

As a result, we have been able to reduce the cost of our Cuba study tours for the Spring Break 2025. Our pricing now is hundreds of dollars less than before and hundreds of dollars less than any competition offering a similar Cuba Study tour for Spring Break 2025.

Lowest Discount Airfares with Cuban and American Airlines & Charter Companies

Thanks to the vast experience and reputation of our Cuban and Canadian staff in the Cuba's travel industry, Canadian, Cuban and American airlines and charter companies have approved unprecedented student discount rates for our U.S. and Canadian school trips.

As a result, we have been able to reduce the cost of our study tours for Spring Break 2025. Our pricing now is hundreds of dollars less than before and hundreds of dollars less than any competition offering a similar Cuba Study Tours for Spring Break 2025.

Maximum Peer-to-Peer Interaction with Cuban Youth

Working in collaboration with the Cuban Ministry of Education, the Cuba’s Teacher Union and The Communist Youth Organization, we have enhanced the peer to peer component of our study programs to enrich the educational outcome of our study tours. The peer-to-peer interaction with Cuban students is the key component of our programs and what makes us different.

Your Cuba educational tour will be a life changing experience for your students and for the Cuban youth they will meet along the tour. They will make friends, establish relationships, and as essential components of life, they will gain memorable experiences they will treasure as long as they live.

We believe that educational travel should transcend ordinary tourism by engaging students with the cultural and social values of Cuban culture through peer to peer interaction. Traveling with us, students are immersed in local culture, urban buzz, history, politics, national treasures, music and contemporary arts in a context of mutual appreciation and safety.

Free Custom Website for your School Trip to Cuba

Authentic Cuba Travel® will build a complimentary custom website for your school Cuba trip that takes off some great organizational pressure from your shoulders.

In the Cuba educational tour website for your school, your students and their parents will have an extensive wealth of resources to better plan and organize your trip to Cuba (from full detailed itinerary to FAQ section to money matters).

Complimentary Participation in Your School Education Tour to Cuba

Besides your free participation in the Cuba Explorer Tours (if you qualify), please, do notice that we also build in the cost for free escort teacher(s) for on ground package, medical insurance and air cost in your final school tour for your students based on your specific requirements: how many students will be travelling, how many chaperones are required, are TOC costs to be included too, ect. So you will get to go to Cuba twice for no cost to you other than optional expenses.

You Won't Be Alone when Introducing your Cuba Trip

Now your tour is moving forward, you have the approval of your school board and enough students interested in joining your Cuba tour. Next step is for you to meet with parents to introduce your Cuba educational tour project, answer their questions and ask for tour deposit payments. You get nervous!

We know that many teachers do not feel at ease answering all sorts of questions related to their trip intricacies and details and/or just answering general questions about Cuba in these meetings –especially if this is the first time they are going to Cuba.

If this is your case or not, you can request for one of our Cuba Education Tours directors to be at these meetings to do a presentation of your trip and answer all Cuba related questions for you. You are not alone!

We will be with you all along the way! By telephone, by e-mail and other online resources and also in real life, face to face, in person!

Free Poster for Your School Cuba Tour Announcement

Sometimes it can be difficult to spread the word about your Cuba Study Trip in your school and even among your students. That’s why, Authentic Cuba Travel® will provide you with some posters that you can customize to promote your Cuba education tour, announce your meetings, inform the school on your website (that Authentic Cuba Travel® builds for you at no extra cost), and any other notices.

Free Facebook Page for your School Cuba Trip Promotion

We know your students like using social networking to connect with each other, friends and family. As part of the promotion tools we provide for free, Authentic Cuba Travel® will build a custom facebook (the largest of the networking sites) page for you school Cuba education tour, in which students can let other students know about the tour and keep themselves updated on the latest events. This is also a good tool for you to maintain good level of communication with your students (and parents!) at all times before, during and after the trip.

Fundraising Ideas

Money is the greatest factor preventing Cuba educational travel. Yet this can be overcome by asking for help.

Fundraising is an excellent way to make your group Cuba tour affordable for more of your students. Because fundraising teaches organization and cooperation, it also enhances group bonding and the educational aspect of the entire experience.

Nothing will bring your students closer than working towards a common goal. It also gives students a sense of pride for financially contributing to their Cuba tour.

Easy fundraising ideas: Holiday gift-wrapping or flower sales are two fun and quick ideas.

Moderately easy fundraising ideas: If you want to make a few hundred dollars, a car wash, garage sale, sell art work or crafts you produce or a spaghetti dinner are great fundraising options. Try to get local businesses to donate supplies to keep costs down.

More challenging fundraising ideas: If you're trying to raise some significant cash, try a silent auction or gift calendar. The following fundraising projects may take the most time and advanced preparation, but they yield great results for your students.

  • Talk with a merchant about selling an organic or fair trade product like coffee to your friends or door to door in your neighbourhood.
  • Part-time jobs: keep your eyes open and let your friends know you need Cuba travel funds. They may point you to one-time jobs that can pay $50-$100 dollars for a day's work.
  • Baby-sit for parents in need of free time. Use your time when the kids are sleeping for reading, study and planning.
  • Tutor a youth in skills you have that they need.
  • Yard work, trimming and mowing lawns is a sure bet. Everyone needs this service. Also think about house cleaning – it's easy, fun and appreciated.

  • Brainstorm with students and friends and suggest anything that you think may work. Your enthusiasm and motivation will move others to help you. So keep a positive attitude and keep trying. In all of these cases, personal contact and accountability are key to the success of your fundraising efforts.

    Get creative, and let us know what works for you so that we can continue to expand our suggestion list to assist others.

    Parents Updates while the School is in Cuba

    At Authentic Cuba Travel® we know parents worry regardless. We are parents ourselves! We also know that reporting back to parents may not be your students' main priority as they are having a great time in Cuba. For these reasons, while your group is in Cuba, we issue a brief update report every 48 hours (or less) in which we tell parents how their kids are doing, notices of interest or simply the latest Cuba tour developments.

    Most Experienced Cuba Tour Guides and Staff

    Each one of us, from directors to tour leaders, guides and representatives in Canada and Cuba has lived and worked in the Cuba travel industry for a minimum of 10 years.

    Nobody knows Cuba as we do! Call us and you will find tour directors that are fluent in English and Spanish and who have lived and worked in Cuba Travel Industry for over 10 years minimum. Guaranteed! Your students can't be in better hands when it comes to Cuba Study Tours!

    Safest Cuba Education Tours for Your Students

    All Cuban cities are quite safe as they are relatively free from the well-known street dangers encountered in other countries. The Cuban people themselves and travelers can equally walk the cities and streets day and night without having to be concerned about criminal behaviour.

    Purse snatching and mugging are not unknown but are rare in the extreme and pose no problem for anyone with minimal street smarts. In major cities a friendly police officer can be found fairly quickly, and in tourist areas there is probably one on the next corner.

    Cuba is extremely safe by any world standards, and the average visitor has no reason to worry about personal safety on the streets, in the hotels, at the beaches or any other place a traveler might visit.

    Your students will be 24/7 fully escorted by our experienced Cuban tour guide and bus driver from the moment you land in Cuba’s airport to the moment you leave. We will always be there for you!

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    Authentic Cuba Travel at
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