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Yane Marquez, Authentic Cuba Travel® Expert Travel Agent Hola! My name is Yane Marquez and I was born and raised in Cuba. After graduating from the University of Havana and the Tourism School of Cuba, I worked for over 10 years as a tour guide, translator and event organizer for Cuba's travel companies and organizations. I guided many groups attending Cuba's main international festivals, fairs and events. A few years ago, I moved to Canada where I have continued promoting Cuba’s tourism industry. I would be more than happy to answer any question you have about festival Cuba travel. Do not miss out!
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Havana Hotel Packages for Cuba Architecture Tours
This Cuba tour offers the following Cuban hotels and Casas Particulares (Private Homestays):

Luxury Casa Particular

This Cuba tour travels to the following Cuban destinations:

Old Havana
UNESCO World Heritage Site in Havana City

UNESCO World Heritage Site in Central Cuba

UNESCO World Heritage Site in Central Cuba
How to go to Cuba from USA on Cuba Educational Tours
Educational Cuba Tours from USA
On January 14th, 2011 President Obama announced new categories of legal Cuba educational travel, they went into effect immediately. Right now, accredited universities and colleges no longer need to apply for a Specific License for Cuba education tour by their students, professors, faculty and staff.
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Cuba School Tours

Cuba Study Tours & Travel to Cuba from USA
US Cuba Study Tours & Travel
Authentic Cuba Travel® offers universities, colleges and schools from US, Canada and all over the world the best study trips to Cuba.

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Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

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Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

US Cuba Educational Tours & Travel
Educational Travel to Cuba should be more than sunbathing in beautiful Caribbean beaches while sipping cold tropical drinks.

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Cuba Education Tour I

Cuba Educational Tours March 2024 Discount Cuba Tours Luxury Private Accommodation (Casa Particular) Cuba Travel to Cuban UNESCO Heritage Sites Cienfuegos Cuba Tours Trinidad: featured Cuban city Eligibility for USA Cuba Travel USA Cuba Travel for US Schools

Cuba Education Tours for US University and College Professors, Faculty & Staff, K-12 Teachers, and other Citizens from USA interested in learning more about Cuba’s Educational System first hand!

Havana City, Cienfuegos and Trinidad | From February 24 to March 2, 2024
Cuba tours out there do not offer so much bang for your buck!

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When you think of Cuba, what comes to mind? Is it images of beautiful beaches and terrific, Cuban jazz music, or maybe classic American cars in vibrant, tropical towns, or is it dramatic historical and political events? However you imagine it, until recently, that’s all a U.S. citizen could do, as a first-hand experience of authentic Cuba wasn’t possible—but now that’s changed!

Authentic Cuba Travel® welcomes professional educators to our Cuba educational tours. These Cuba cultural trips are designed to assist American professors, teachers, and administrators in understanding Cuba’s educational history, its educational institutions, and current changes in educational standards and programs. Our Cuba educational tours make it possible for U.S. citizens to gain intimate access to Cuba’s educational system and to experience the warmth of Cuban culture —legally.

Whether you are engaged in research on Cuba, the Caribbean, or Latin America, interested in educational exchange, or curious about the development of a system that has almost eradicated illiteracy, our Cuba educational tours will give you a well-rounded view. Stops during your Cuba tour include Cuba’s oldest university, a specialized arts conservatory, a primary school, and a medical training program—where you will meet with educators and students. Your program also includes visits to other prestigious cultural institutions such as the National Literacy Museum, and you’ll visit no less than three UNESCO World Heritage Sites!

Take A Sneak Peak at the Cuban Destinations You Will Visit Outside Havana

Along the way, you’ll learn how recent changes in the country have shifted the focus away from the liberal arts and universal university education, to an emphasis on agricultural and technical training. You’ll see how changes in admission standards and a need for workers in the skilled trades are transforming Cuba’s educational system by making entrance to university-level education more competitive, as well as affecting the secondary school curriculum. Participation in our Cuba educational tours makes it possible to engage many pressing questions such as how these changes are impacting employment, societal expectations, and individual achievement.

In a country with many challenges, Cuba’s educational system has been hugely successful. The country has worked hard to eradicate illiteracy, and is a leader in creating gender equality, reaching rural populations, developing and recognizing teachers, and fostering community participation with schools. Join one of our Cuba Educational Tours, and learn about Cuba’s remarkable educational accomplishments—and its hopes and challenges for the future—all while experiencing authentic Cuba hospitality.

Notice to US Academic Institutions, US Secondary Schools and other US Educational Organizations on Cuba Travel:

In January 2016, the US Government announced further enhancements to the 12 categories of authorized travel to Cuba that previously required a specific license (this is, lengthy applications to OFAC). Now travel to the Caribbean island is allowed under a general license (this is, self-completed paperwork with no application to OFAC needed).

After President Biden’s policy change on USA Cuba travel on June 9, 2022, the General License for Educational Activities remains in place. Accredited U.S. graduate or under graduate degree-granting institutions; U.S. Academic Institutions; and U.S. Schools can organize and sponsor an educational trip to Cuba for their students, faculty and staff under the General License for Educational Activities, provided that the trip meets OFAC guidelines; and that an employee or other representative of the organization escorts the trip to make sure such guidelines are followed by all participants.

The purpose of the Cuba travel should be for:

_ the participation in a structured educational program offered for credit as part of a course of the sponsoring institution;

_ educational exchanges sponsored by Cuban or U.S. secondary schools involving secondary school students’ participation in a formal course of study or in a structured educational program offered by a secondary school or other academic institution, and led by a teacher or other secondary school official are authorized. This authorization allows for participation of a reasonable number of adult chaperones to accompany the secondary school students to Cuba.

_ attendance at non-commercial academic seminars, conferences and workshops related to Cuba sponsored or co-sponsored by U.S. academic institution.

_ non- commercial academic research related to Cuba for the purpose of obtaining a graduate or undergraduate degree;

_ the participation in a formal course of study at a Cuban academic institution provided that credits will be accepted toward the student’s graduate or undergraduate degree;

_ participation in a 10-week structured educational program in Cuba as part of a course offered at the U.S. institution;

_ participation in a formal 10-week course of study at a Cuban academic institution, provided the formal course of study in Cuba will be accepted for credit toward the student’s undergraduate or graduate degree at the U.S. institution;

_ teaching for 10 weeks at a Cuban academic institution by an individual regularly employed in a teaching capacity at the U.S. institution.

We take care of all details both in North America and in Cuba, including VISA and flight arrangements to Cuba's main destinations via USA ports (Miami, Tampa, New York, Los Angeles, or other) or through third countries like Canada and Mexico. Authorized US organizations can travel through a third country subject to the same restrictions and requirements as those flying directly from USA.

At Authentic Cuba Travel®, we have been organizing such educational and cultural travel experiences from the United States of America for years with great success.

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  • Cuba Trip Highlights
    Cuba Education Tours

    • Professional Research General License Documentation.
    • Full-Time Schedule of Professional Research Activities.
    • Guided tour of Old Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    • Travel to "The Pearl of the South" Cienfuegos.

    • Guided tour of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cienfuegos Centre.

    • Travel to colonial Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    • Travel to UNESCO World Heritage Site Sugar Mill Valley.

    • Tour of Instituto Superior de Arte (Cuba's Arts School).

    • Visit to La Colmenita Children’s Theater Company.

    • Visit to the provincial School of Painting of Trinidad.

    • Guided tour of Cuba's Museum of Fine Arts.

    • Guided tour of Havana's Literacy Museum.

    • Follow in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway.
    • Tour Cojimar fishing village, Hemingway's favourite hangout!
    • Explore Finca La Vigia, where Hemingway lived for over 20 years.
    • Private visit to Lizt Alfonso Ballet School.

    • Tour Havana's Scale Model, guided by arch. Miguel Coyula.

    • Visit the prestigious Cuban art gallery "Maroya".

    • Explore the famous handicraft market of Old Havana


    US University and College Professors, Faculty & Staff, K-12 Teachers, and other Education Professionals from USA interested in conducting professional research on on Cuba’s Educational System can travel to Cuba under the provisions of the General License for Professional Research.

    CATEGORY: General license for Professional Research and Professional Meetings- 31 C.F.R. § 515.564(a)(1) of the current Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) regulations.

    The travel- related transactions set forth in § 515.560(c) and such additional transactions as are directly incident to professional research are authorized, provided that:

    (i) The purpose of the research directly relates to the traveler’s profession, professional background, or area of expertise, including area of graduate-level full-time study;

    (ii) The traveler does not engage in recreational travel, tourist travel, travel in pursuit of a hobby, or research for personal satisfaction only; and

    (iii) The traveler’s schedule of activities does not include free time or recreation in excess of that consistent with a full-time schedule of professional research.

    We provide our US travelers with all the required documentation to ensure they are in compliance with 2022 Biden administration’s rules on Cuba travel under the US Cuba Travel category: Professional Research and Professional Meetings. US travelers can choose to depart to Cuba from any US port of their choosing.

    private rental accommodations owned by a Cuban family or individual, Cuba.
    Support for the Cuban People Cuba travel from USA features overnights at high-end private rental accommodations owned by a Cuban family or individual or the 5-star Quinta Avenida hotel, located in the Vedado and Playa districts respectively, the epicenter of Havana’s bustling nightlife and pulsating music scene. Americans traveling to Cuba with Authentic Cuba Travel® find themselves at home in these luxury accommodations.
    Since 2007, La Colmenita, a Children’s Theatric Troupe have served as UNIECEF Goodwill ambassador to the world. Touring extensively all through the USA and Canada, the message of peace and hope of The Little Beehive have amazed children all over the world. Authentic Cuba Travel® proudly supports this theatre group of young actors. As a participant in our Educational Cuba Tours, you will have the chance to visit their headquarters in Havana, and meet with them… even enjoy a little play in English privately!
    Lizt Alfonso Ballet School, Cuba. The Lizt Alfonso Ballet School of Cuba is composed only of women and a music band. It has been acclaimed in Cuba and abroad in the USA, Canada, Spain, New Zealand, Venezuela Colombia and France.
    Guided tour of Cuba's National Art School Researching on Cuba's education system is one of the goals of our Cuba tours for educators. Arts education is undergoing huge changes in Cuba as a result of a new emphasis on the develop- ment of agricultural and skilled trade education rather than the traditional arts and humanities. During your Authentic Cuba Travel® to one of the premier art academies in Cuba, the Instituto Superior de Arte, you can discuss the impact of these changes with faculty and students and share in their ideas for the future.
    A unique Cuban cultural institution, the Museum of Literacy. A unique Cuban cultural institution, the Museum of Literacy celebrates the incredible achieve- ment of the Caribbean island in ending illiteracy. Housing photos and documents of the 1961 campaign to teach everyone in Cuba to read and write, the Museum is a testament to what can be accomplished with dedicated volunteers. Cuba education tours include a visit to this museum where you’ll meet the museum’s director, Luisa Campos, who knows first-hand the difficulties faced by the literacy volunteers- and the joy of having a country with one of the highest literacy rates in the world.
    Hemingway Cuba Tour, Havana. With the possible exceptions of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, Cuba has had no more famous former resident than author Ernest Hemingway. The hard drinking, womanising, American author fell in love with Cuba after visiting it several times. He lived on Cuba from 1940 until 1960, shortly before his death. Known affectionately as "Ernesto" or "Papa", Hemingway is still beloved by the Cuban people.
    Cienfuegos city, Cuba. Originally founded by French settlers inside a Spanish territory, Cienfuegos is both a delightful venue and an architectural treasure. Nowhere else in the Caribbean will you find such an impressive collection of neoclassical buildings. With an extensive visit to its charming historical center, you’ll experience the best Cienfuegos offers during your Cuba Travel.
    Photography excursion to the Sugar Mill Valley.The Sugar Mill Valley is one of the most photographed landscapes in Cuba. The monumental value of the 65 sites that form the valley increases the interest to visit this place, where important vestiges of the island's sugar colonization still survive.
    Cuban Students. At the end of basic secondary education, Cuban students can choose between pre-university education and technical and professional education. Those who complete pre-university education are awarded the Bachillerato (high school diploma). Technical training leads to two levels of qualification- skilled worker and middle-level technician.
    A fun and fascinating experience of authentic Cuba culture. Authentic Cuba Travel® is pleased to offer unparalleled access to Cuba’s educational system while also incorporating a fun and fascinating experience of authentic Cuba culture into your itinerary. And we do it all at a reasonable price, with a superior team of guides and drivers to make your Cuba educational tour simple, safe, and satisfying. By combining visits to Havana, Cienfuegos and Trinidad, you will get a well-rounded experience of the authentic Cuba.
    Day 1. Saturday 24 February 2024.
    Hello Cuba
    Your first day in Cuba begins with your arrival at Jose Marti International Airport, a short 9 miles from Havana's downtown, Vedado district. As you exit your plane, you’ll clear customs and immigration, collect your luggage, and then meet your Authentic Cuba Travel® guide.

    As your knowledgeable liaison to authentic Cuba, your guide will be with you during the entirety of your stay. Before arriving at your hotel, you’ll have the opportunity to exchange money, and you’ll also meet another important member of your Authentic Cuba Travel® team—your bus driver. Your seamless transfer takes about thirty minutes.

    Stay at a Luxury Casa Particular, located in Havana’s downtown area of Vedado neighbourhood.

    Breakfast is complimentary from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
    Day 2. Sunday 25 February 2024.
    Exploring Old Havana
    Morning: visit to the headquarters of La Colmenita Children’s Theater Company. This internationally acclaimed children's theater group was created in 1990. Since then, it has charmed audiences in more than 25 countries with its message of joy, peace and understanding.

    The company, which was given the UNICEF Goodwill ambassador status in 2007, recently toured the United States with performances in Washington, New York and San Francisco. Enjoy a private performance, and exchange with directors, teachers and children!

    Welcome Lunch: a new wave of paladares (privately-owned restaurants) has recently swept the Cuban dining scene offering excellent food and charming ambient. Today we’ll enjoy a welcome lunch at the stylish Paladar San Cristobal, one of Havana's top ten private restaurants.

    Afternoon: The afternoon begins with an introduction to Old Havana by one of the primary architects guiding the development of the Havana city. Dr. Miguel Coyula, founding member of the Group for the Integral Development of the Capital (GDIC) will talk about the unique aspects of Old Havana, as well as the need for proper development in the future. You will also be able to view a unique architectural representation of the old city’s footprint and how it evolved, the Old Havana Scale Model.

    Afterwards: Your Authentic Cuba Travel® guide will take you on a walking tour of some of the most important squares in the “Habana Vieja”— the old walled city. Beginning with the Square of Arms, you’ll learn about the history of Spain’s long involvement in Cuba. The Square of Arms marks the point from which the Village of San Cristobal de la Habana spread, receiving its name from the military exercises that the Spanish Army started holding there in 1584.

    Marked by the baroque façade of the Cathedral of Havana, the intimate but beautiful Cathedral Square is a lively spot, and one of the most well preserved areas of Old Havana. A great place to people-watch, you’ll find the Museo de Arte Colonial opposite the Cathedral, as well as cafes and imposing post office. The Museo is itself an architectural delight, built around a courtyard, and houses exhibits of colonial era art and decoration.

    The home of the beautiful Lion’s Fountain, the Square of San Francisco of Assis takes its name from the church and Franciscan monastery located there. Originally constructed at the end of the 16th Century, a Baroque remodeling took place in 1730. Now a concert hall and museum, you’ll find on the square a bronze statue of a famous Havana street character known as El Caballero de Paris, the gentleman from Paris. There is also another bronze of Father Serra— a Franciscan friar beatified by Pope John Paul II—and an Indian boy named Juaneño. Historically, the square is important as a storage site for commercial goods arriving on Spanish vessels.

    Ironically, Plaza Vieja, “Old Square” was originally named Plaza Nueva, “New Square” when it first came into use in 1559. Surrounded by elegant buildings where the aristocracy once lived, Plaza Vieja has seen more than its share of excitement over the years. From fiestas to bullfights, this square has historically been an important site. It has a beautiful marble fountain featuring four dolphins, and is home to lovely shops, restaurants, galleries and museums as well as residences. Some noteworthy sites on the square include the art-nouveau Palacio Viena Hotel; the Fototeca de Cuba, an important photographic gallery; the Center for the Development of Visual Arts; and the magnificently restored Colegio del Santo Angel.

    The final stop before returning to the hotel is Old Havana’s charming handicraft market. Whatever you might purchase, from hand thrown pottery to handmade traditional clothing and jewelry to leather goods and whimsical paper maché figurines, you’re sure to enjoy strolling through Cuba’s largest market to find the best that authentic Cuba can offer. In addition to artisanal souvenirs, you may also purchase original art from some of Cuba’s most promising talents.

    Evening: Ready to Rhumba? Or maybe you’re a fan of Salsa? The evening features some authentic Cuba sounds with Elsa’s Band. With an open-air performance on a rooftop in Old-Havana, enjoy the lighter side of your Cuba educational tour! Not only will you be treated to some wonderful music, you’ll learn about what makes it authentically Cuban.
    Day 3. Monday 26 February 2024.
    Morning: We’ll visit our first Cuba educational institution with a stop at the Cuba Higher Institute of Arts (ISA). Comprised of individual schools for modern dance, ballet, drama, design, music, and fine art, the ISA is facing new challenges with the current shift away from the arts and humanities as the government places more emphasis on technical and agricultural training. During our visit, you will meet with school administrators and members of the faculty to discuss the future of the ISA. A tour of the main facilities will also be conducted.

    Lunch: Today’s complimentary lunch is a unique opportunity to meet with an individual representing the best of Cuban education during the post-revolutionary period. A student at the ISA during the 1960s, Jose Fuster is now an internationally recognized artist, producing fascinating paintings and murals, as well as dynamic sculptural installations. More than just an individual artist, Mr. Fuster incorporates art into the life of his community with projects such as a chess park, a local swimming pool, and the decoration of more than 80 homes in the fishing village of Jaimanitis. Mr. Fuster will host the Authentic Cuba tour for lunch at his residence and studio where everyone can participate in a delightful session of show-and-tell!

    Afternoon: The National Museum of the Literacy Campaign is the repository of materials documenting the remarkable year of 1961 when Cuba set out to eradicate illiteracy. Through a government- supported campaign, more than 700,000 people were taught to read and write in a single year with the help of 260,000 volunteer teachers, from teenagers to professionals, housewives to retirees. The host of the Authentic Cuba visit is Luisa Campos, director of the museum. She was one of those volunteers and now consults for literacy programs in numerous countries.

    Evening: There’s nothing like real cannons and a bit of pageantry to get people excited. Tonight, your Authentic Cuba tour guide will escort you to the “Fire of the Cannon of 9 O'Clock.” A favorite of locals and visitors alike, this ceremony was started by the Spanish, and takes place each evening at the Fortress of San Carlos de Cabana. In addition to some very Cuban pomp and circumstance, you’ll also have a fantastic panoramic view of the city below.
    Day 4. Tuesday 27 February 2024.
    Morning: visit to Finca Vigia, a hilltop villa 20 kilometers east of Havana, where famed author Ernest Hemingway lived from 1939 to 1960. It is here where the writer completed some of his greatest works, including The Old Man and the Sea, Across the River and into the Trees, and Islands in the Stream.

    The villa has been maintained as a museum for the past 49 years. It contains original book and short story manuscripts, letters, over 3000 photographs, Hemingway’s fishing tackle and gun collections, furniture, priceless art collection, and a 9000 volume library that contains rare first editions of his books and those of other famous writers.

    Finca Vigía has made both the World Monuments Fund List of 100 Most Endangered sites, and The National Trust for Historic Preservation’s 11 Most Endangered Places.

    Lunch in Cojimar fishing village.

    Tour around Cojimar fishing village, where Hemingway kept his boat Pilar. The writer is remembered by the town with a small gazebo that encircles a commemorative bust, sculpted from the melted down propellers donated by local fishermen.

    Afternoon: visit to the Lizt Alfonso Ballet School founded in 1991. Lizt Alfonso’s choreographies are dance and music of a kind no one else creates: a seamless fusion of Spanish classical dance, ballet, flamenco and Afro-Cuban dance.

    During the afternoon, your Authentic Cuba educational tour will also visit the Palace of Fine Arts, a tremendous institution housing several hundred years of authentic Cuban masterpieces including works by Wilfredo Lam, René Portocarrero, and modernist sculptor, Rita Lonja. Beginning with the 17th century, the museum’s collection is a comprehensive overview of Cuban art movements from the colonial era until the present day.

    Evening: Although there is no included activity this evening, Authentic Cuba Travel® recommends an optional outing to one of Cuba’s hottest jazz scenes, The Fox and the Raven Jazz Club. Your Authentic Cuba guide will make sure you have the latest information on who’s playing live at the club. It’s a must for any jazz enthusiast, or for anyone who wants to experience a different side of the authentic Cuba sound.
    Day 5. Wednesday 28 February 2024.
    Cienfuegos- Trinidad- Cuba Explorer Hats on!
    Morning: It is time to wear our Cuba Explorer hats. An early morning departure with your Authentic Cuba Travel® team takes you out of Havana City and puts you on the road to different part of authentic Cuba, its center. Over the next two and a half days, you’ll get to visit a variety of Cuban cultural and educational sites and institutions in two different UNESCO World Heritage cities, Cienfuegos and Trinidad.

    Upon arrival in Cienfuegos City, we’ll have a complimentary lunch at Paladar Ache, one of Cienfuegos top ten private restaurants, serving local specialties in a pleasant courtyard.

    Afternoon: In the afternoon, our Cuba education tours feature a visit to the historical center. We’ll walk off our excellent lunch with an guided tour of the oldest part of the city. The historic center of Cienfuegos was given its status as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO based on its being the preeminent, surviving instance of urban planning from the Spanish Enlightenment period of the 19th century, and demonstrating that movement’s attention to gracious civil engineering, harmonious order, and hygienic accommodations. Originally, the town was laid out in grid pattern containing twenty-five blocks.

    Visit to the stunning Palacio de Valle, a former palace combining elements of Venetian, Moorish, and Gothic architectural styles among other influences. The Palacio de Valle also affords an excellent view of the harbor. A look at the bay will help you understand why Cienfuegos City is one of the busiest seaports in Cuba. The center of Cuba’s sugarcane industry, coffee is also grown nearby. Cienfuegos City is a fairly small metropolitan area, with a population of approximately 188,000, although in the entire province, there are closer to 400,000 people.

    There is no other place in the entire Caribbean region that has such a collection of Neo-classical structures, although other styles were later woven in. In the downtown center, there are 333 extant buildings that date before 1900. The area is now a mix of both residential and public buildings.

    Our Cuba cultural walk will begin in the Jose Marti park, where you’ll see the only Arch of Triumph in all of Cuba. From the park, one can easily walk up the Cienfuegos Boulevard to the main thoroughfare of the city, the Paseo de Prado, which has the distinction of being the longest street bordered with trees in all of Cuba.

    One interesting fact about Cienfuegos City is that is wasn’t founded by the Spanish colonialists, but rather by French settlers in 1819. Although it was a Spanish colony, and the Spanish had established a fort nearby to protect their trading vessels from pirates, the founders came primarily from Bordeaux and Louisiana.

    During our educational tours to Cuba, tour participants will have the chance to learn more about this fascinating place known as both “The City of Domes” and “The Pearl of the South.” Interesting points include the Palacio Ferrer, an eye-catching blue building combining eclectic styles, the 19th Century Cathedral de Cienfuegos with its two towers of different heights, and the Tomas Terry Theater, an Italian-style building with elegant wrought ironwork and distinctive murals.

    Our Authentic Cuba visit to historical Cienfuegos will wrap up with a little free time to shop in the Galleria de Arte Maroya. Featuring original art by Cuban painters and sculptors, your Authentic Cuba Travel® guide can be of assistance with the paperwork needed to take your art purchases back home.

    Sometime around 5 o’clock we will board our air-conditioning bus to continue our Cuban journey to the colonial city of Trinidad. Upon arrival at the city we will check in at our Luxury Casa Particular.
    Day 6 Thursday 29 February 2024.
    Morning: On our Cuba Education Tours, we like to begin the morning with a visit to the Academy of Painting "Oscar Fernandez Morera". Teachers and students will give you an intimate guided tour of the school, and engage you on the nature of the work they are performing there. A rare chance to experience the Cuba educational system outside of Havana City, the principal will also join you.

    Lunch at Solananda Paladar.

    Afternoon: This afternoon you will discover why the well-preserved old part of Trinidad is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Founded nearly at the same time as Havana City by the Spaniard, Don Diego Velázquez, the site for Trinidad was chosen based on its location midway between the ends of the island, and because it was protected on the north side by mountains. It was a perfect staging point for further incursions into the Americas, as well as quickly becoming an important commercial center for cattle and tobacco, and later, the production of sugar. Both Hernández de Córdova (in 1517) and Cortez (in 1519) departed from Trinidad in their conquest of the New World.

    Trinidad received World Heritage Site status not only because of its historical importance to Cuba, to the sugar industry, and to the exploration of the Americas, but also because of its architectural preservation. Gorgeous buildings such as the Palacio Brunet and the Palacio Cantero have survived with many of their original features such as murals, marble floors and earthenware tiles intact. Homes are typically painted in tropical, pastel colors, have open windows covered only by wooden grillwork or shutters, and red-tile roofs.

    Another centerpiece of the old city is the Church of the Holy Trinity, finished in 1892 and built to replace a previous church destroyed by a hurricane. It contains one of the most sacred objects in Cuba, a wooden statue called “The Lord of the True Cross” which left behind in Trinidad after the ship carrying it to Mexico was sent back to port three times because of storms. Local worshippers decided that God intended for the statue to remain in Trinidad and have venerated it ever since.

    You will continue your authentic Cuba tour of this amazing World Heritage Site with a short bus ride into the valley, a living testament to the history of the sugar industry in Cuba. The Valle de los Ingenios contains what has survived of numerous sugar plantations, the summer mansions of their owners and living quarters for the slaves who worked the plantations. It is the end of the slave trade that contributed to the decline of Trinidad and allowed the magnificent preservation of both the city and the outlying plantations.

    After a photo opportunity from which you will be able to take in the entire Sugar Mill Valley, our Cuba educational tours usually continue with a visit to a family of authentic Cuba artisans, the Santanders. The Santander Family has been making pottery for many generations, and follows in the long tradition of potters in Trinidad.

    Finally, we’ll wrap up our busy day with a chance to stroll and shop in the outdoor artisanal markets featuring local handicrafts, especially textiles and crochet.

    Return to your private rental accomodation.

    Evening: You’re free to enjoy the restaurants and music at the city this evening, but for anyone that wants to have an authentic Cuba dance experience, we recommend Casa de la Trova. With lively, traditional, folk music, visitors will feel welcome to break out their dancing shoes and hit the dance floor.
    Day 7. Friday 1 March 2024.
    Trinidad- Havana
    Morning: Our final educational Cuba travel stop will be a visit to the Cuban Family Doctor and Nurse Program. Despite working within the framework of a developing country, Cuba is internationally recognized for its excellent healthcare system. Although it spends less per capital than the U.S. on health care, it achieves comparable results.

    The Cuban Family Doctor and Nurse Program is a unique approach to dispatching medical care to where it is most needed, in a cost effective manner. The program trains one primary care physician and one nurse to work together as a team. Find out what the U.S. might learn from the success of this particular Cuba educational program.

    Return to Havana City, check back into your luxury Casa Particular (private rental accomodation).

    Day 8. Saturday 2 March 2024.
    Morning: Time to say good-bye to your Cuba travel and head home to share what you’ve learned! Your Authentic Cuba Tours guide and bus driver will see you safely back to the airport in plenty of time for your international flight. Please be advised that there is an airport departure tax of 25 Cuban Pesos that must be paid in cash.

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