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"First of all, our trip to Cuba turned out to be one of the outstanding experiences of my life. It far exceeded my expectations. Initially, the main reason for going was the music, but as it turned out, seeing the culture, seeing the people, meeting the people, interacting with some of our fellow travelers and other attractions dominated." Fred Friedman
"Kudos to our guide Mirelys. This was my second trip to explore the island of friendly Cuba with Authentic Cuba Travel®. And it won't be the last! Your team has done a great job in putting together a well-rounded trip. I only wished that it lasted longer. And the price was reasonable and affordable. Again, Thank you and your team." Bret Boone
"Photographing in Cuba is a photographer's paradise. I had an excellent time and very pleased with the tour, hotels, restaurants and the service of our local guide David Camps Rodriguez. Contact between Authentic Cuba Travel® worked very well as our communication increased as the tour got closer and all questions and needs were met. Cuba is a fantastic experience and my return through USA customs was very smooth and easy." Betty Lark Ross
"We thank Authentic Cuba Travel® for making our trip to Cuba work so smoothly. We appreciated your professional assistance, but also your continual availability to answer any and all questions before we left. We would certainly look to you again for future Cuba travel." Anita & Jim Hadley
"We found Authentic Cuba Travel® to be wonderfully helpful, not only with the arrangements for the Film Festival tour, but for extra add-on arrangements. As for the tour itself, a week in the Hotel Nacional and a pass to the film festival add up to pure happiness. Everything else was icing on the cake. Can’t wait until next year’s film festival!" Kathy Kahn
"Our trip to Cuba was unbelievable and I have only one word to describe it ILEANA. Her knowledge of the country and her openness made the education components of the trip so wonderful for our students. She also could be tough when needed to protect our students and gentle when they need encouragement. The students all loved her and our bus drive. Hotels and staffs were great! " S. Kent Miller, Culver-Stockton College
"We were welcomed by Deacon Juan Rios in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We distributed rosaries, holy cards, medicine and financial aid to the Deacon. During our second day, we visited the "Santovenia Senior Center," a Catholic nursing home for the elderly run by Sister Consuelo Pena..." Rev. Thaddeus Dzieszko
"We all had a really good trip to Cuba. It's a fascinating country with a lot of potential for the future. The people were warm and welcoming. Mirelys was as good a guide. She couldn't have been more cooperative. Efrin, our driver was also very capable. We appreciated all that you and Authentic Cuba Travel® did to make our trip so rewarding." Arthur Selkowitz
"Seeing so much of the country was wonderful. Happening upon the sugarcane harvest was wonderful. I am glad we got to see the main birds we hoped to see- but the birding itself was the least important part of the trip. Another highlight was our last night together- we could not have been in a better place (Chez...)- great meal, fun waitstaff, great company. Well done! " Ralph Van Dusseldorp
Thank you so much to Yane and everyone at Authentic Cuba Travel®. My trip in February to the International Book Fair was everything I wanted and more. The local tour guide was so helpful and informative. The entire Authentic Cuba team took care of us the entire week and made sure we had a safe, enjoyable week in Cuba! Not only would I recommend Authentic Cuba, but I'll probably travel with them again. Feel free to give my name and number to anyone with questions about your services. Angela Baldree, Librarian
"I can think of only positive things to say regarding your organization and the trip to Cuba. Your communication and attention to detail is spot on. I lacked nothing during my week in Cuba. You prepared us well. Our tour guide, Alexis, was the perfect blend of professionalism, knowledge, and sense of humor. I had a fabulous time and have no complaints. The Paladars in Havana are wonderful, we ate excellent food. The Paladar by the sea and lighthouse in Cienfuegos while visually beautiful could use some help with their food. Well done, Authentic Cuba Travel®. Kathryn Dohn

Reviews & Testimonials about the Cuba Tours
for Lawyers and Judges by Authentic Cuba Travel®

Read Reviews and Testimonials from Authentic Cuba Travel® Past Travelers of the Cuba Tours for Lawyers and Judges. Please do contact Authentic Cuba Travel® if you would like to hear directly from those who have so generously traveled and published their experiences in our websites

I have been meaning to write to you since my return form our judicial Cuba trip. It was absolutely fantastic in every way--a trip of a lifetime. But I would be remiss if I did not tell you that our tour guide, Iliana, was so fantastic that I am still shaking my head in awe.

I have done quite a bit of traveling in my life, but I have never had a guide who was so fun, so smart, so knowledgeable about Cuba and the law,about history, geography, music, dancing---my gosh, Ileana could do it all!! And she made very moment FUN. Her personality and warmth just sparkled. I think she could singlehandedly reestablish diplomatic relations between beautiful Cuba and us...I will absolutely never forget her. I would recommend to anyone to travel anywhere with her as their guide.

One other point. Your itinerary and lectures were so thoughtfully put together . I feel as though we learned a great deal about Cuba from those persons with the most knowledge to give. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and effort. It was a fabulous trip. Merry Christmas and UN MILLION DE GRACIAS.

Martha Simonett

Hi! It is Monday husband, John Halfen, and I just returned last night from our trip to Cuba. WOW!!! We had a fantastic trip. I think most of the "greatness" of the trip can be attributed to our guide, Ileana Sarria............. SHE was TERIFFIC!!!!

She has such a way of taking care of each one of us, and believe me, we are all very strong-willed people, and pleasing all of us could not have been easy. As you may know, our flight out on Cubana was delayed, significantly.............and I became a bit worried, as was Ileana..........but everything worked out.......

Just want to thank your company for choosing Ileana to be our guide. She has a great personality and can "relate" easily to all people. We miss her already...................................... THANKS AGAIN!!

Kris Davick-Halfen and John Halfen.

Thanks Authentic Cuba Travel® for providing a lovely and educational experience. I do have some observations:

1. The guide service was superb. We had Iliana and she was very open, knowledgeable, efficient, concerned and just a lovely lady. You have a gem.

2. The hotels were pleasantly comfortable. I know we did not pick the top of the line hotels, but ours were very serviceable. The staff was well trained.

3. The itinerary with visits to several legal entities mixed with local history, architecture and culture was perfect for our group .

I do hope many more Americans will take advantage Cuban travel.


Marianne Kanning

The trip to Cuba was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I learned so much about the country in such a short amount of time. I loved being able to sit down with former Cuban Supreme Court Justices and learn about the criminal justice system.

Sarah Scott

When Americans think of Cuba, there are a few stock images. For those old enough, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Fidel, and old cars come to mind. For others, Cuba is a total mystery due to the embargo and the inability to travel there unless under a license. This past March, our group of Santa Clara Law students and faculty was fortunate enough to embark on a legal study tour to see the Cuba of today.

As in other civil law countries, judges do not follow precedent but rather look to the penal code. Cuba recognizes the death penalty but it has been 12 years since a death sentence has been carried out. We learned other legal facts. Property: Everything is state owned and no foreigner is allowed to own land or houses. Intellectual Property: Cuba has a thriving pharmaceutical industry. They say they patent their inventions, and they are protective of the famous Cuban Cigar trademarks. Family Law: While divorce is legally easy in Cuba, there is such a housing shortage that couples who divorce often still live together in the same apartment until one of them meets someone who has a place to live, allowing him or her to move out.

Read the entire publication at CUBA, an Immersion Experience
By Anna Han and Cynthia Mertens, Professors of Law

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