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Hello! My name is Jacqui Birchall. I am a retired Surrey (BC) high school teacher. My students and I travelled to Cuba with this wonderful people. It was an amazing experience for my students, students who cried as we left Cuba. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about how to organize your trip and any other questions you may have about Cuba. I have been lucky enough to have spent time teaching in Cuba and I have travelled extensively throughout the island. I invite you to take your classroom to Cuba with us!
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General Travel License

U.S. Cuba Legal Travel University & College faculty, staff & students, K-12 teachers are eligible to travel to Cuba under the General License, a process that can be completed by individuals & educational institutions without submitting the application to OFAC.

Cuba Legal Travel

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These tours provide educators a good opportunity to travel to Cuba before taking your students– especially for those who have not been to Cuba before.

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With customizable Cuba study tours, it is easy to offer North American Universities and Schools the educational experiences they expect out of Cuba travel. Not only is there a Cuba study trip to fit any group size, educational interest and budget, but each one also immerses Canadian and US Professors and students in the authentic Cuba and takes you deep into the heart and soul of the Cuban people.

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    Referred teacher must travel within 2 years of being referred with a minimum of 20 fully-paid students. Referral bonus is not applicable to a replacement teacher at the same school if the referring teacher is unable to travel. Referring teacher will receive bonus no later than 30 days after the departure date of the referred teacher.
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