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Topes de Collantes in Escambray Mountains, Cuba

Topes de Collantes National Park
Escambray Mountain Range, Cuba

An Overview by Authentic Cuba Travel®

Topes de Collantes is one of the few tourist centers in the Escambray Mountains. Topes de Collantes, which is both the name of the natural reserva and the tourist village here, is one of the best places to enjoy the Cuba's natural beauty that the island has to offer.

The mountain village is located in the core mountain park and has facilities for tourists who wish to tour the rainforest in its natural state. There is a lot to see and do here, and it’s a popular destination for eco-tourists as well as those who travel to the mountains for health reasons.

Visitors to the area can find hotels, a Museum of Contemporary Cuban Art, restaurants, and shops. Topes de Collantes has traditionally been home to coffee growers, so the area also offers many excellent cafes featuring locally grown coffees.

The Escambray Mountains are very close to two UNESCO World Heritage sites, Trinidad City and the Valle de los Ingenios, which is translated as the Valley of the Sugar Mills. This area of the mountains has also traditionally been a place where people have gone for health reasons, and a very popular trip is one to Hacienda Codina, which features medicinal mud baths and gardens.

By far, the main draw of Topes de Collantes is the sheer beauty of the mountains and the rainforest. There are caves, rivers, waterfalls, grottos, canyons, natural pools, and gorgeous hiking trails through the mountains and different parks. The limestone of the mountains contains numerous caves and waterfalls, as well as many exotic and rare species of plants, birds, and animals.

This is also the area where the highest and oldest Mahogany ever found in Cuba grows. There are numerous waterfalls with crystal clear waters and warm natural pools. There are many Cuban guides available to take visitors throughout the different parks, where they can choose from adventure style treks or those that are bit easier. If you are wanting to experience the extraordinary beauty that can be found in Topes de Collantes, you can join a fully escorted Cuba tour provided by Authentic Cuba Travel®. There is certainly much on offer both in the park and in neighboring Trinidad. Visitors can enjoy numerous historical, cultural, and natural sites in and around the park.

There is a lot to do inside the park, and if you are able to visit, it’s a good idea to bring sturdy walking shoes, even if you plan on only indulging in some of the easier treks that they have to offer. Health tourism is another popular offering in the area and the historic Kurhotel Escambray offers many different treatments. Whether you go for the spectacular trekking and natural wonders or to relax and enjoy the health benefits of the mountains, a trip to Topes de Collantes will certainly be a memorable one.

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