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You are always welcome to simply visit our websites and leave as soon as you find the information you were looking for. But there are times when you may want to create an account with Authentic Cuba Travel®. We list some reasons below.
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Often, we hear complaints from travellers saying they were not notified in time about a certain escorted tour to Cuba filling to capacity and by the time they went to complete their bookings, the Cuba tour they were interested in was closed and they miss the chance to join.

By creating your account with Authentic Cuba Travel®, you will be able to create your own Wishlist and add those tours that catch your fancy as you navigate through our websites. Then you will receive priority Cuba travel alerts on the status of those tours on priority basis, giving you one last chance to book before a tour is closed.
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Having an account with Authentic Cuba Travel® will make the booking of your favourite Cuba tour a breeze. All of the information you entered when you created (and/ or updated) the account will be automatically uploaded for you in the booking forms saving your time and typing fingers!
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This is a great tool to keep your profile updated with Authentic Cuba Travel®. You can login to your account anytime 24/7 and update your name and contact information or even your login information. Please, remember that your name should always read in all your travelling documentation exactly as it shows in your current travelling passport.
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Sometimes you do not remember exactly how much your outstanding balance is for a given Cuba tour, or you can’t seem to remember when your due date is, or just need to print your invoice. Just Login to My Account and you will have all that information at your fingertips 24/7. This is also a great tool to check the discounts you receive either by early bookings, referral discounts, ect.
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Often at times of completion of you online booking, you realize that there’s some required information you do not have handy. You worry because you do not want to miss your spot in the Cuba tour but you do not have your passport or some other needed information at your fingertips just yet. No worries! By having an account you can complete your booking “as is” and come back later and update your booking information once you have the information ready 24/7.
USA Cuba Travel How to go at Authentic Cuba Travel®
USA Cuba Travel

It is possible for American citizens to go to Cuba legally. You should be aware of updated information, current revised restrictions and intricacies of Cuba travel regulations before embarking on your Cuba journey. Follow our USA Cuba Travel Updates, be well prepared. Let us know your questions, we are happy to help!
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