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Handicraft Market Old Havana, Cuba

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View Old Havana's Arts & Crafts Market The early 16th century harbor in Old Havana is being given new life. Many former trade areas are being refurbished and restored to their former glory, and it is here where travellers will find the city’s famous open-air crafts market. Situated in the former Alcamenes de San Jose, the harbor side warehouse that plays host to the handicraft market is Old Havana’s oldest depository, constructed in 1885.

The handicraft market is more than simply a place to purchase locally made items, although this is undoubtedly the biggest draw for most of the venue’s visitors. It was also created as a true center of the island’s culture, designed to play host to art exhibits, children’s activities, and even theatre performances. Detail Old Havana's Craft Market The restoration process took a total of nearly three years, and the results have been outstanding. While Cuban-made handicrafts have never been among the island’s major exports, the market has provided many locals with the chance to showcase their talents and sell their unique wares.

Visitors to the handicraft market will find an incredible array of items to purchase, including ceramics, leather goods, toys, paper mache items, and more. There are also many unique and handmade clothing items, including traditional guayaberas, blouses, boleros, scarves, and more.

Handcrafted art is also among the highlights of this market located in the oldest district of Havana City, and paintings and sculptures of all types can be found for purchase when the market is busy. Handmade jewelry is always popular among travelers and locals alike, and tobacco aficionados will find humidors and other accessories that make ideal additions to any collection.

Havana Harbour Craft Market While the crafts are certainly the biggest draw of the Centro Cultural Antiquos Almacenes San Jose, they are only a part of a larger picture. Travelers can enjoy local snacks and even purchase locally made musical instruments, all while enjoying local activities and performances.

The sound of music in the air is incredibly common, and the laughter of the locals and travelers brings a sense of joviality that is hard to express in words. Any visit to the market should include a stop in the rear of the building to take in the expansive view of the bay, offering a sense of serenity even in one of the Old Havana’s most bustling and energetic locations.

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