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Hola! My name is Yane Marquez and I was born and raised in Cuba. After graduating from the University of Havana and the Tourism School of Cuba, I worked for over 10 years as a tour guide, translator and event organizer for Cuba's travel companies and organizations. I guided many groups attending Cuba's main international festivals, fairs and events. A few years ago, I moved to Canada where I have continued promoting Cuba’s tourism industry. I would be more than happy to answer any question you have about festival Cuba travel. Do not miss out!
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Cuba Travel from USA

U.S. Cuba Legal Travel After the easing of the restrictions on Cuba legal travel implemented by the Obama's Administration in 2015, Cuba cultural tours for US citizens is now within reach either via a General or Specific License for people to people travel to Cuba Learn more at our website about the
US Cuba Travel Intricacies

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International Cuba Festivals

Cuba Travel, Fire Festival 2018. Travel to Santiago de Cuba for the Fiesta del Fuego Festival 2018 (Fire Festival 2018) that highlights the cultural expressions of the region. The annual Fire Festival is a very well-known street party taking place in the month of July in the city of Santiago de Cuba.

Cuba Travel, Havana Ballet Festival 2018. International Ballet Festival of Havana 2018. Organized by the Cuba’s National Ballet, the International Ballet Festival of Havana draws dancers, choreographers and companies from all over the globe.

Cuba Travel, Havana Jo Jazz Festival 2018. Jo Jazz Festival of Havana The Jo Jazz Havana is the result of music education in Cuba. As talented young jazz musicians emerged from Cuban music schools every year, they are eager to showcase their talents in Havana’s most popular jazz venues.

Cuba Travel, Havana Film Festival 2018. Cuba Festival of New Latin American Cinema. The Havana Film Festival is a cultural event with no parallel for the promotion of Spanish language filmmakers. It draws thousands of movie goers and cultural buffs from all over Cuba each December.

International Jazz Festival of Havana Cuba Cultural Tour 2019; Authentic Cuba cultural travel goes to Havana for the 34th Jazz Festival of Havana 2019 organized by renowned Cuban jazz musician Chucho Valdes will run January 16- 20, 2019 at several locations in Havana.

Travel to Cuba for the International Havana Book Fair, 2019. Travel to the festival with the highest attendance in Cuba: the 28th Havana International Book Fair 2019 that will begin in Havana City on February 2019, and then it will spread east and west of the capital. The book fair will end in Santiago de Cuba.

Cuba Tour, Habano Cigar Festival 2019 The Habano Cigar Festival 2019 is considered by experts as the biggest world party to promote the Premium type cigar. It only competes with this one, without surpassing its quality, the Big Smoke of Las Vegas in the United States.

Cuba Tour, Havana Art Festival 2019 The Havana Art Biennial 2019 is an exciting celebration featuring not only the best of Cuban visual artists, but also artists from other countries from Latin America, the Caribbean, and from developing countries.

Authentic Cuba Travel Newsletter provides valuable information about 2018 Cuba Festivals Tours. We work together with key Cuban ministries and organizing committees in the organization of Cuba tours for the Havana Jazz Festival, Havana Book Fair, Habano Cigar Festival, Fire Festival, Havana Art Biennial, Film Festival, Havana Ballet Festival and others. Be the first to know about exciting Cuba Study Tours!


Authentic Cuba Travel offers the best TOURS to Cuba's Premier Festivals, Events and Fairs. Period! All our Cuba tours are fully hosted by Cuban Ministries and Official Organizing Committees.

Authentic Cuba Travel offers the best and largest selection of escorted festival, event and fair tours to Cuba available. No other company offers the wide scope and quality of tours we do. Each member of our staff has lived and worked in Cuba's travel industry for 10 years minimun. We do Cuba and only Cuba.

All our escorted Cuba tours include the best accommodations, luxury vehicles with private driver, most meals, access to all festival, fair and event related activities, and a professional tour guide who is responsible for ensuring first class service during your festival, event or fair experience.

Nobody knows Cuba as we do! Call us and you will find sales representatives that are fluent in English and Spanish and who have lived and worked in Cuba Travel Industry for over 10 years minimun. Guarantee!


Fire Festival

Fire Festival 2018 in Santiago de Cuba

COST: $2,999

Havana & Santiago de Cuba
From Jun 30 to Jul 7, 2018
Themes: Fire Festival, Social, Educational, Culture, Historical

Jo Jazz Havana 2017

Cuba Jo Jazz Havana Festival November 2017

COST: $2,329

Havana, Las Terrazas, Vinales
From Nov 14 to Nov 21, 2018
Themes: Jazz Music, Festival, Educational, Cultural

Ballet Festival

Ballet Festival 2018 in Havana

COST: $2,699

Havana & Vinales
From Oct 27 to Nov 3, 2018
Themes: Ballet Festival, Social, Educational, Culture, Historical

Havana Film Festival

Havana Film Festival 2018

COST: $2,999

Travels to Havana & Vinales
From Dec 8 to Dec 15, 2018
Themes: Education, Culture, Films, Arts, Movies

Havana Book Fair

International Havana Book Fair 2019

COST: $2,999

Havana, Cienfuegos & Trinidad.
From February 1 to 8, 2019
Themes: Book Fair, Festival, Social, Culture, History

Havana Jazz Festival

Havana Jazz Festival 2019

COST: $2,699

Havana, Cienfuegos & Trinidad
From Jan 13 to Jan 21, 2019
Themes: Jazz Festival, Dance, Music, Culture, History

Habano Cigar Festival

Cuba Habano Cigar Festival 2018

COST: $4,999

Travel to Havana & Vinales
From Feb 23 to Mar 4, 2019
Themes: Habano Cigar Festival, Social, Explore, Culture, History

Cuba Real Tours

Cuba Real Tours & Travel

COST: From $2,429

Havana, Las Terrazas, Vinales
Several Departures in 2018
Themes: people to people tours for americans, cultural, educational

Havana Art Biennial

Havana Art Biennial 2016

COST: $2,329

Havana & Vinales Valley
From Nov 16 to Nov 23, 2019
Themes: Cuban Arts, Performance, Cultural, Educational

Cuba Education Tours

Cuba Education Tours & Travel.

COST: From $2,229

From Coast to Coast!
Several Departures in 2018
Themes: Education, Culture, History, Arts, Architecture

Cuba Engage Tours

People-to-people Cuba Tours & Travel

COST: $2,429

Havana, Bay of Pigs, Trinidad..
Several Departures in 2018
Themes: Education, Culture, History, Arts, Architecture

Cuba Cultural Tours

Cuba Cultural Tours

COST: $2,429

From Coast to Coast!
Several Departures in 2018
Themes: Education, Culture, History, Arts, Architecture

With customizable Cuba study tours, it is easy to offer North American Universities and Schools the educational experiences they expect out of Cuba travel. Not only is there a Cuba study trip to fit any group size, educational interest and budget, but each one also immerses Canadian and US Professors and students in the authentic Cuba and takes you deep into the heart and soul of the Cuban people.

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