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Architectural Details Partagas Cigar Factory in Havana, Cuba

Partagas Cigar Factory,
A Truly Cuban Experience

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Few things about Cuba are as renowned in even the farthest reaches of the globe as their penchant for making high quality cigars. Cuban cigars are well known as the finest in the world, and the Cuba explorer is presented a unique opportunity to learn about how these cigars are made through Cuba tours of the famed Partagas cigar factory.

The factory was founded in 1845 and currently produces some 5 million cigars every year. While cameras are not easily allowed inside the factory, the tour experience is certainly one to remember as the rich smell of some of the world’s finest tobaccos accompanies you along a 45 minute journey.

Everything about the Partagas cigar factory helps explain why their cigars are famed around the globe. Positions within the production areas of the factory require a minimum of nine months training for the workers who fill them. Quality is always of prime concern, and Authentic Cuba Travel® participants will get to see every step of the process, from tobacco coming in off of the trucks to sorting, rolling, wrapping, and even adhering the proper labels to the cigars to ensure their authenticity. It’s truly a unique experience and a chance to view an integral part of Cuba’s history and present up close and personal. Cigar Factory, Havana

Authentic tours of Partagas give Havana’s visitors the chance to see locals hard at work. Jobs on the production lines pay a hefty salary increase over many labor jobs in the city, and workers are provided their choice of 3 fine cigars each day. It’s rather unique to see the workers smoking even while they are working, and the tradition of hiring someone to read to the workers while they do their jobs is always of interest to Cuba travellers.

Each day begins with the reading of the daily newspaper, followed by works of historic literature. In fact, it is the latter part of this that provides the reason why so many of the factory’s cigars are named for literary figures. Cigar Roller at Partagas Cigar Factory, Cuba

Partagas is certainly an incredible thing to do for travelers to Havana, and it is an important part of the Cuban cultural landscape. For those looking to capture the magnificence of the factory, the windows of El Capitolio provide an absolutely brilliant viewing angle. The architecture of Havana brings in thousands of tourists every year who want to be able to see these magnificent buildings in person.

Travellers from all walks of life join Cuba Education Tours every year, and whether you are coming for history, architecture, or just to capture a glimpse of life in Havana, Partagas is certainly one attraction you won’t want to miss.

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