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Luxury Private Accommodation (Casa Particular)

An Overview by Authentic Cuba Travel®

Authentic Cuba Travel® offers luxury private accommodations at Cuba’s main destinations as part of our Support for the Cuban People itineraries, designed for Americans interested in supporting the Cuban people by patronizing privately owned restaurants, stores, art galleries and other small businesses; and supporting the work of independent Cuban organizations.

Biden’s regulations allow Americans to stay in private homes if they visit the island under the Support for the Cuban People travel category. Renting a room in a private Cuban residence (casa particular), eating at privately owned Cuban restaurants (paladares), and shopping at privately owned stores run by self-employed Cubans (cuentapropistas) can now qualify towards supporting the Cuban people, but it is not the only requirement.

Please do notice that US travelers visiting Cuba must engage in a full-time schedule of additional Support for the Cuban People activities (in addition to staying in private accommodations) in order to qualify to travel to Cuba legally under the General License for Support for the Cuban People category.

During the Obama and Trump administrations, the Cuban government significantly eased restrictions on Cubans to rent out rooms in their homes to foreign travelers. Soon Casas Particulares (private rental accommodations owned by a Cuban family or individual) boomed all through the island.

Today some of these humble businesses have evolved into high-end full service boutique hotels offering high quality amenities, food and beverage services, wireless internet connection, and the highest level of customer care. Usually they are in grand old mansions restored to its original splendor showcasing magnificent front porches, high ceilings, balconies, and antique furnishing.

"Casa particular" is a Cuban term for private family accommodation or private bed-and-breakfasts.

Please, do remember, a Casa Particular is literally a Cuban family’s home, so levels of hospitality and service vary. Authentic Cuba Travel® makes every effort to guarantee the best private rental accommodation Cuba has to offer.

We do not book stand-alone Casa Particular (Private Homestays) for those not participating in our programs.

We strongly advise against purchasing flights and other travel arrangements until your Casa Particular is booked and confirmed.

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