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Official Invitation to Join Cuba Exploration Tours 2011

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Few spaces left for Teachers Tours 2011

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Why Cuba?

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Dear Educator,

Yes, you can travel legally to Cuba now if you work full time as an education professional. You can also take your students to Cuba after new cathegories of legal travel were announced by President Obama in January 2011. Read more...

This is possible only because of a rare political opening in U.S. policy that allows educational groups to go to the island. No one can say what the future will hold for U.S.-Cuba relations, so it's important to take advantage of the current opportunity.

Authentic Cuba Travel in coordination with Cuba’s Teachers Union, the University of Havana, the University of Santiago de Cuba and Cuban educators warmly invite you to join our official Cuba tours for North American teachers in 2011.

You will meet Cuban counterparts while visiting the best preserved historical cores in the Americas: Havana, Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Santiago de Cuba.


Few Spaces left for legal Teachers Tours in 2011. ACT now!

Cuba Education Tour II - from June 25 to July 2, 2011 (Cities: Havana - Vinales) (3 spaces left at $1,449 USD)

Cuba Education Tour III - from July 30 to August 6, 2011 (Cities: Havana - Cienfuegos - Trinidad) (6 spaces left at $1,549 USD)

Cuba Education Tour IV - from December 26 to January 2, 2012 (Cities: Havana - Santiago de Cuba) (10 spaces left at $1,699 USD)

Resources for Teachers

Accredited schools and universities will no longer need to apply for a Specific License for travel by their students, faculty and staff (including but not limited to adjunct faculty and part-time staff) to Cuba. Now they can travel under a General License (no application necessary) if participating in a structured educational program as part of a course offered for credit by the sponsoring U.S. institution.

We have all the resources and knowledge to guide you through the process of organizing the most rewarding educational experience for your students in 2011- 2012. We have been organizing such rewarding experiences for North American youth for years with excellent results.

Just to mention some:

LOWEST COSTS (hundreds less than ANY competition!)

• Largest selection of educational and cultural Cuba tours available.

• Most experienced Cuban guides and staff in Canada and Cuba.

• Custom built website for your school tour.

• The cost of your participation in your school tour is also included.

Why choose Cuba?

Cuba greets its visitors with strains of exotic rhythms such as salsa and rumba emanating from every corner, and an aquamarine sea laps the white, palm-fringed beaches all around the island. Cuba, with its mix of Spanish and African roots, is the largest, least commercialized, and most exciting island in the Caribbean.

It is also one of the world's last bastions of communism with a fascinating modern history. Cuba's relative political isolation has prevented it from being overrun by tourists, and locals are sincerely friendly to those who do venture in.

Cuba is extremely safe by any world standards, and the average visitor has no reason to worry about personal safety on the streets, in the hotels, at the beaches or any other place a traveler might visit.

We are here to help you witness authentic Cuba. Call or e-mail us. Please, consider sharing this letter with your colleagues too.


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